The star of Nat Geo Wild’s “The Incredible Dr. Pol” and a big believer in Vetericyn products, answers our questions.

We had a chance to ask Dr. Jan Pol some questions in between shooting new episodes of his hit Nat Geo Wild TV show, The Incredible Dr. Pol. Dr. Pol and his staff use Vetericyn Animal Wellness products on a daily basis, so he was more than happy to answer our random questions. Here’s what he said…

How is your new Saint Bernard doing?

Killian is doing really great.  He is my shadow and follows me around everywhere.  He is the sweetest funniest dog.  When he is excited he rocks back and forth.  Killian has integrated with the other dogs, and he and Donar are always getting in trouble.


Are there any old tricks that you use that save a farmer’s bottom line?

I have taught several of my clients how to do simple procedures so that they don’t have to call the vet every time one of their cows has a problem.  A lot of my dairy farmers can pull their own calves, they treat milk fever, and even can diagnose a DA so they only have to call me when they really need me.


Have you ever been scared to treat an animal?

No, I have never been scared to treat an animal.  Most animals can sense fear.  So, if you’re scared, they get even more scared.  If an animal is aggressive, it is better to be calm and focused than overreacting.  I always try and keep my head, even if I sometimes have to dodge a kick.


Do you have a trick for trimming dog nails?

The biggest problem is that people try to trim them too short.  If you nip them too deep the dog will remember that it hurts and will pull away.  It is better to trim them often and that way you only have to clip the points off.


Any advice for a high school student wanting to go in the field?

Study hard and make sure you focus on mathematics and science.  Grades will be a huge factor in getting into vet school.  Also, get as much experience and as wide as an experience as possible working with animals; volunteer to work on a farm, work in an animal shelter, shadow a veterinarian, these will all be invaluable experiences.


What is your favorite story of when you took Charles with you when he was young?

On a Christmas Day, I got called out for a calving.  I ended up needing to do a C-Section and all three of my kids helped me save a calf and its mother.  You could call it a Christmas miracle but for us it was a very special family moment.

Dr Pol meets an excited FFA student

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What are your thoughts on raw diet for dogs? What do you feed your dogs?

Each dog is an individual and can have different needs.  My recommendation is to discuss your dog’s diet with your veterinarian.  My dogs eat just a very good kibble and they do great with it.


Why does my dog get these hotspots and how can I prevent them?

Dogs can get hotspots for different reasons.  A lot of times it is because people are bathing their dogs too much.  Vetericyn can work dealing with hotspots, but if they get worse it probably will require a trip to your veterinarian.


 Will you do a speaking tour in the US?

This is something we have discussed, and if I can get the time I would love to do it.  If you follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, we will make sure we announce any speaking tours on our feeds. We also have an official website where we post announcements.


What can we do about excess pet hair and dander?

Dogs produce hair and dander.  It’s part of being a dog owner.  With three dogs in the house, Diane is always vacuuming.  We don’t mind though, they bring a lot to our lives.


What effect does grass have on a dog’s tummy?

Dogs can eat grass for a variety of reasons.  Sometimes they are trying to self-medicate because they feel ill.  The grass itself doesn’t make them throw up.

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