Who are the Madtown Flyers?

Madtown Flyers is a team of Chocolate Labrador Retrievers and half-sisters Air Maddie & Bella X-1, who swim fast, fly high and far. Handlers Molly & Eric Johnson started out in the sport in Colorado and now live in Kansas.  Both dogs compete in all disciplines of DockDogs and new spin off sport called Dueling Dogs. We compete around the country, have fun with friends and love making new friends.

Where did the name come from?

The team derives its name from our first competition dog, Air Maddie who started competing in Dock Diving. Madtown is one of the many nicknames we have for Maddie, with the addition of Bella X-1 and how much they are both crazy for dock diving sports and wanting to have a team name, we became the Madtown Flyers.

How long has your team been doing aquatic sports?  

This is our 5thyear competing in DockDogs. Maddie started in the sport at just over a year of age in 2013 when I found a local facility where she could begin swimming and exercise. From there I found another facility in our hometown where we could practice, learn, grow and have fun.

Meanwhile, we found out there was a local club and upcoming event outside of the Denver area. So, we went, tried it and loved it. And met super helpful people who are now some of our best friends. From there they showed us the ropes and other events we could start out with in Colorado. Maddie loved it so much it grew from there, we began to travel to other states and she has been competing ever since.

As a pup, Bella got to come along with us and watch her sister at competitions and Maddie taught her a lot.  Bella began swimming as a young puppy and took to it right away. With the help of her big sister and us being able to get in the practice pool it didn’t take long to get her off the dock and that was all it took. After her 2ndjump Bella was hooked, ready to go on her own and a natural Bella took to it quickly and was a natural. She began competing as early as she was permitted at six months of age.

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